Cricket News April 2021

2020/21 Season The unprecedented 2020/21 league cricket season has come to an end. Who would have thought that we would have some semblance of a season in the dark days of the lockdown that was in place a year ago? For [...]

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Wanderers Cricket News March 2021

Cricket is Back! We remain one of the few provinces in the country that has permitted competitive cricket to take place. All our senior league teams, men’s and women’s, have been playing throughout the month of March. In addition, our junior [...]

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Cricket News February 2021

Cricket is Back! Thanks to the hard work of the Central Gauteng Lions Cricket Board and the clubs in the region, competitive club cricket is back. Games commenced on the 13th of February and fixtures are scheduled through to April. Captain [...]

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Cricket News January 2021

The Cricket Section of the Wanderers Club wishes all members a Happy New Year! Unfortunately, any optimism that the cricket season would formally start in January was dashed with the return to lockdown level 3. The Central Gauteng Lions Cricket [...]

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Cricket News – November 2020

                                                                      A Tradition Revived Wanderers 1st XI [...]

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