Cricket News, February 2019

Wanderers CC Honours Board – February 2019 Current League Positions (22nd February)   Premier                       3rd                                Saturday 2                   3rd President’s A               3rd                                Saturday 3                   4th President’s B               1st                                Saturday 3 Aryans       5th Sunday 1                     7th                                Wanderers Women    2nd For up to date league positions (logs) and live scoring of [...]

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Cricket News: January 2019

            2018/19 Cricket Season Thoughts of the beach and overindulgence were put to one side as the season resumed after the end of year break with all teams in action during January. A number of teams [...]

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The Wanderers Cricket Club Newsletter November 2018

2018/19 Cricket Season Our young and relatively inexperienced premier league team started the season strongly, reaching the semi-finals of the Central Gauteng Lions Cricket Board’s T20 competition and subsequently winning their first four 50 over league games. The 3rd XI, playing [...]

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