Bowls News July 2019

The last 2 days in June, saw the much anticipated Wanderers Pantum Challenge. Our very first Bowls Tournament! We were blessed with incredible sponsors, and we had our eyes on a much-needed charity to bless. Hundreds of able-bodied people, who have [...]

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Bowls News, May 2019

PROMAC PRO 10 by Fired Earth Tournament Wanderers had a number of teams (pairs) entered into this worthy Tournament. The level of playing was incredibly tough, HOWEVER, 2 of our Teams went through to the playoffs! Congratulations to Duanne [...]

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Bowls News, April 2019

JBA Pairs Go Wanderers! Once again our members rose to the occasion and brought home the coveted trophy, the JBA Pairs! Our incredibly talented Duanne Abrahams and Martin Lewis fought tooth and nail, and were victorious! Very, very well done Gents! [...]

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Bowls News, March 2019

WOW, what an exceptional 2018/2019 League season, with a total of 5 sides competing across both Men's and Ladies Sections. The results were admirable, with most teams remaining in their respective divisions. WEDNESDAY LEAGUE Mike Bolel and his incredible team played [...]

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Bowls Newsletter – February 2019

What an incredible experience! The Bowls Division came together for a Family Fun Day, in aid of Cancer! The greens were full of people, young and not so young, experienced and novice, tall and not so tall, but, with [...]

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