Badminton News February 2021

Please ensure that you have your Wanderers membership card with you at all times when at the club – and please ensure that you have renewed your membership. Currently, only members are permitted to play. It goes without saying that membership [...]

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Badminton News November 2020

A SPORT FOR YOUNG AND OLD(ER) PLAYERS Congratulations to the junior players who practise and train at The Wanderers. They did us proud at the Southern Gauteng Badminton Association’s tournament for the under 15s. Kerisha and Nic were runners up in [...]

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Badminton News October 2020

Badminton is starting to open up with a number of tournaments for junior and senior players. At the Southern Gauteng Badminton Association’s tournament for the under 15s, The Wanderers Club is well represented by junior players with 4 provincial junior players [...]

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Badminton News October 2020

We’re back – from 01 October, badminton is back to the previous dates, times and sessions. In other words, normal play has been resumed, including the opening of bathrooms and changing facilities. Whilst this is great news, we ask everyone to [...]

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