The year is flying by and both the Men’s and Ladies section have been holding meetings to discuss league arrangements.

Wanderers hope to enter 5 men’s and two Ladies sides in the JBA Leagues this coming season.

Five days of Men’s Nationals were held at Wanderer’s.

Thank you to Adrian Burke who held the reins and organised the Wanderers portion so well.

He had many volunteers from the club, Ann van Dijk, Phil Lazarus, Peter Yorke Smith, Rose Wookey, Jasper Hulley, Ronnie Herrmann, Janis Fluxman, Terry Fry, all assisting Adrian in this massive task.

This was not Wanderers year, however, in the Fours, Bobby Donnelly[ with Max Hurwitz, Mike Bolel, Warwick Sagar ] made the last 24. Duanne Abrahams [ Greg Burns, Phil Brest, Des Day, Martin Lewis ] also were section winners.

In the Pairs it was the turn of Wayne Perry/Stan Friedman, Bobby Donnelly/ Shaun Nell and Duanne Abrahams/Greg Burns, to make the Wanderers proud by winning through to the last 26.  Quite an achievement.

Our Ladies Internal Competitions have commenced while our Men’s singles , Open and Senior, are well down the road to completion.

Paul Botha is organising the Men’s competition while Rose Wookey has the Ladies competition well under control.

We continue to attract new members and we do hope that they strengthen our section.

Welcome to Eric Rosen, Ruth Skuy, Adrian Skuy, Nadine, Brandon and Gabi Wysoake, may your stay at Wanderers be life long and happy !!

Martin Lewis, the reigning 2016 JBA Masters Champion, has joined Wanderers as well

The four greens are all running well and we received many compliments during the Nationals, well done to Tony Faulkner, Fana, Amos and Sizwe.

Rally Kartun, at 92, is still showing us all how to bowl! He also mans up the TAB room and we all are grateful to him.

Sam Rosen does duty on a Sunday. The running and draw of TABS is a thankless task.

Brian Myers, Margaret Stoneham, Warwick Sagar and Sam Rosen have spent time updating our Gradings. Thank you to all.

We are glad to see Cecil Myer visiting the club. After his shoulder, it is now his back!

Graeme Macleod cracked a bone in his right foot. The Moon boot becomes you.

See you all on the bowling green.

Ronnie Herrmann

Wanderers Bowling Club