What an incredible experience! The Bowls Division came together for a Family Fun Day, in aid of Cancer! The greens were full of people, young and not so young, experienced and novice, tall and not so tall, but, with 1 thing in common… To raise as much money as we could, to donate to CHOC!

We were blessed with many sponsors, PLUSH, Protea Hotel Wanderers, Silvasale, Upscale, High-Speed Gas and Love Boutique. They all made an incredible difference in the lives of the children at CHOC. Words cannot begin to convey our absolute gratitude, thank you!

League Season
We are nearing the end of our league season, but, never in spirit! The teams are fighting to finish the season with a bang! To all of our most talented Men and Ladies teams, we wish you every success in your last remaining games!

March events
Wanderers are incredibly proud to be hosting the BSA Inter-District Tournament in March. All the Districts are sending their top bowlers to compete for this most coveted Title! It begins on Monday the 11th of March and runs until Friday the 15th! Wanderers is very proud to announce that 2 of our Members, Duanne Abrahams and Martin Lewis will be participating in the tournament! Congratulations and the very best of luck to you! We are in awe!

Many of our internal competitions are being held during the month of March, so, to all of our most valued Members, good luck and may you rise to every challenge!

In the meanwhile, keep bowling…………….

Tons of love






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