The Wanderers Bowls AGM was held on the 25/08/2018 and was extremely well attended.

Once again, it was the normal attendees to whom the Wanderers Bowls Club means a lot.

The new committee was duly elected and office bearers for 2018/2019 are as follows;

1 Chairperson

Rose Wookey

2 Vice Chairperson

Janis Fluxman

3 Administration Secretary

Brian Myers

4 Financial Controller

Paul Botha

5 Catering

Rochelle Grusin

6 JBA Representative

Nello Vercelotti

Martin Frack and Tamar Olswang both volunteered their services.

Sure that they will all do a great job in furthering the Wanderers Club as the premier bowls club in South Africa.

Before we commence this year’s AGM, could we please have a seconder for last year’s minutes that they are accurate and a true reflection.

1 Obituaries
In the period under review, we lost the following members who passed on;
Kenneth Avery
Dennis Bridger
Norman Copans
Bokkie Buxt
Should there be any others omitted, please call them out now so that we can remember them and honour their memory.

2 The Committee
It has not been an easy year for the committee with dropouts along the way.
Des Day, Ron Burns, Adrian Burke all had to excuse themselves.
There is a saying ” a busy person always makes time ” and this is so true. All the committee members are in employ.

Joining a committee keeps the mind active and keep the member involved with the club.
Congratulations to Allan Gordon who was elected Vice President of the JBA.
Rally Kartun, it is always a pleasure to see Margaret Stoneham and yourself in the TAB box.
Sam Rosen also made himself available while Ann Van Dyijk was always willing and able to step in.
We all complain a lot, however without Brian Myers and all the above actually volunteering to do the TABS, we would have nothing. It is similar to marriage, you will always get it wrong.
Thank you to all.

1 Brian Myers
You are a club asset for loyalty, work and general availability on a daily basis for Wanderers.
You are the glue that binds the club.

2 Janis Fluxman
The amount of time given to the club is tremendous. Your arrangements and follow up on all catering arrangements have resulted in rave notices. Not sure that everyone is aware of the amount of time and negotiating you have to do, you ensure that everything just falls into place at the best possible price.

3 Rose Wookey
So motivated and enthusiastic, she had to take the reins in January, she is a business leader and will be excellent for the club. Her Hot Dog braai’s are a feature of the club. We are fortunate to have someone like you in our midst. Long may you be a driver of the ladies section, competitions and all.

4 Paul Botha
Paul has the thankless task of controlling the Finances for the bowls club. He attends to the treasurer position with gusto and also found time to organize the Gauteng Open events which were held at Wanderers.

5 Rochelle Grusin
She joined the committee for the first time. She had an open portfolio and was willing to help with all.
Rochelle will be taking a larger part in the new season. Her constant smile makes light of any given situation. Most importantly, she is not a politician !!

6 Phil Brest
Thank you to Phil for running the men’s internal competitions. Everything went seamlessly, even though he complained about outside interference!
Well done to Phil.

These were the constants on the committee, but, there are so many unofficial members who come forward, Audrey Bernstein comes to mind. Too much is expected from too few, Adrian Burke is one such individual who had to run JBA tournaments with little help, it became too much. Nello Vercellotti has volunteered to represent the club at JBA Council meetings. Audrey Bernstein is our Patience Strong sending off letters to those who have a family bereavement or illness.

The bowls club gains NO INCOME from corporate events, this has been the rule for the last 3 years. The Greens belong to the Main Club. Outside tournaments [ BSA/JBA ] are our only source of income.

Thanks to Richard Bucher and Mark Oliver for their continued support and organization of the Towers Novices. Peter Yorke Smith, Jasper Hulley who collects the money. Without these funds every year, Wanderers Bowls would not be the financially strong club we are.
We are grateful.

We do have a few problems with our greens. Enquired immediately at JBA as to who was responsible for the grading. We had been given the grading by Chester Hollis and the JBA Greens Committee of 3 x B and 1 x C grading. Do not believe that these are accurate having discussed the grading with outside players and played on other club greens. Just the fact that the JBA Masters is being played at Wanderers puts our correct grading into perspective.

We do have our problems with foreign grass coming through the top, the A green suffers from this malaise.
The D,C and B are running true.

The greenkeepers, Edwin, Amos, Fana and supervisor, Tony, are working on this A green problem by poisoning the clumps as they surface. Thank you to Adrian Burke for spending many hours surveying the greens. The Green’s and surrounds are well kept.

We are able to report that we have kept the ship steady. Thanks to Paul Botha for ensuring that all is in order. The Bowls club is extremely curtailed by how to keep viable and financially strong.
We have 147 members at present and we are attempting to keep all members happy and playing.
We should have R 168000 in our bank account which keeps us extremely viable. Age attrition is a major obstacle.

The club has never requested its members to assist financially and we can be extremely proud of this.
Keep in mind that the bowls club has received no benefit for 3 years from corporate events. We must thank Gary Summerton for ensuring that these events are enjoyable for those taking part. Tea expenses are high due to Janis buying in stock. However, it is slowly recuperated over the period and will eventually show a slight profit. We did spend R 4000 for the downsizing of 10 old bowls to 00, it seems that this is taking longer than expected. To correct errors on the honours board which started in 2008, we have spent close on R 6000 of our hard earned funds.

The club is also paying for entries by under 18’s in the various competitions.
Obviously, we do need development and new bowlers. At the same time, rejuvenating TAB sessions at Wanderers.

To this end, we created a round robin of TABS at Killarney and Old Eds.
We had 76 bowlers at the first event, 48 from Wanderers, 82 at Old Eds with 40 from Wanderers. The third session will be at Killarney, who have also come in full steam. They had 15 at Old Eds.
It has done a lot for TAB bowls at all these clubs.

This year we had 4 representatives in the JBA juniors, Josh Wookey being one of them.
Duanne Abrahams and Martin Lewis won the JBA Men’s Open Pairs. Allan Gordon represented the JBA Seniors while Duanne Abrahams and Martin Lewis were chosen for the JBA District Open side.

In addition, Martin Lewis was invited to the BSA Zone camp. Future developments to come?
Both Duanne and Martin have been invited to participate in this year’s JBA Masters. We hope that Bobby Donnelly will be joining them soon.

Wanderers Club Competition Winners
With so many players qualifying for Seniors it seems the reality that the club should run only OPEN ladies and Men’s Singles competitions. The Senior singles are superfluous. This should be attended to by the incoming committee.

Ladies singles winner
Pessel Gelman

Ladies Pairs
Rose Wookey/ Di Binns

Men’s Open Singles
Martin Lewis

Men’s Senior Singles
Stan Friedman

Men’s Pairs
Duanne Abrahams, Martin Lewis

The Mixed Pairs was not played.

Saturday League
This past period has not been an easy one for the club. Our results obtained were rather spectacular under trying conditions. The Saturday Leagues had been changed in line with Football leagues, starting with the old Premier League changed to “Club League” where teams were made up of 12 players in 3 rinks.
The Men ended in 6 th position out of the 8 teams making up the numbers, all clubs were only allowed one team each, 4 league Divisions making up all the clubs that entered.

Clubs are finding it difficult to sustain their financial standings, and there will be casualties.
Wanderers then had to choose Super 8’s , made up of two rinks each.

Wanderers won Division one, Division two and runner-up in Division three.
We will have two teams in Division 1 next season as our B side won Division 2.

Unfortunately, the C side were runner-up in Division 3, only one side going up, one down.
D side will be going into Division 5. The E team made up of 4 young players and 4 older, finished runner-up in Division 5.

The selectors, Warwick Sagar/Brian Myers as convenors, did an excellent job despite having 21 players out through various reasons !!

The Ladies had an excellent season, they finished second in Division 2 but should be stronger in the coming season.

Janis Fluxman kept the Mixed team going under great odds due to the Men having the availability problem. She kept it going so, thank you for the hard work.

Results wise it has been a good one for the club, but a warning unless there are volunteers to back up the present committee, they will resign due to pressure and then Wanderers have a problem. Enjoyed my 3 years as Chairman and can only wish that Wanderers have a great future going forward. What a wonderful club.

Ronnie Herrmann

Annual 2018 Quadrangular Tournament

We held the Annual Quadrangular at Old Edwardians on Sunday 25/08/2018.

This year’s Winners were Wingate Park on 127 points, Wanderers 126, Killarney 119, Old Edwardians 104.

Next year the tournament moves to Killarney. It was a great success as usual and we must thank Brian Myers for organizing our Wanderers rinks. Max Hurwitz, unfortunately, hurt himself at the end of the second round and had to be replaced by the Old Eds green keeper otherwise the result might have been different.

Pictured below are:

wanderers club Bowls News Update 1

Four captains, Brian Myers [Wanderers] Mark [Wingate Park] Henry Cohen [Old Edwardians] Keith Benjamin [Killarney]

wanderers club Bowls News Update 2

Ronnie Herrmann, thanking Old Eds

wanderers club Bowls News Update 3

Henry Cohen the Days MC