It is already the end of September 2017 and the Saturday League starts shortly.

Stan Friedman is still battling to get back on the bowling green after a series of mishaps!!

George Quinn came to the green to survey what he is missing and we do hope to see him playing soon.

Martin Lewis has made the BSA Masters which is being played at Wingate Park in February 2018, and we wish him the best of luck.

Brandon Wysoake who plays competition out of  Killarney has been selected for the Junior Masters. Proud grandmother, Ruth Skuy, Eric Rosen, uncle Adrian Skuy, mother Nadine, sister Gabi, are all members of Wanderers Bowls.

At present, Warwick Sagar for the men, Rose Wookey for the Ladies, are all calculating how many teams Wanderers can enter in the leagues.

With the new JBA structures, it is interesting times ahead. Please support Wanderers and the new leagues.

Allan Gordon will be entering a development side as well.

The new structure has been erected in honour of Paul Taylor on the A green. This was the wish in his will of the late Paul Taylor, who was an important member who passed away at over 100 years of age.

The new committee for 2017/2018 was elected ;

1. Chairman

Ronnie Herrmann

2. Vice Chair

Rose Wookey

3. Administration

Brian Myers

4. Treasurer

Paul Botha

5. Catering

Janis Fluxman

6. Development

Ron Burns

7. Greens

Des Day

8. Outside Competitions

Philip Brest

9. JBA delegates, Technical, lockers

Adrian Burke

10.  Internal Competitions

Men Philip Lazarus


Margaret Stoneham

11. Disciplinary Hearings

Charl Gussenhoven

12. New Member Interview

Eddy Magid, Charl Gussenhoven

13. Condolence /sickness/ Happy event writer

Audrey Bernstein

14. Saturday Tabs

Phil Lazarus/ Brian Myers/ Rally Kartun

15. Sunday Tabs

Samuel Rosen


Thank you to all and best of luck in your portfolio’s.

We had the famous Rose Wookey Lefties Day. It was enjoyed by all.

Archie Hotz and his team won overall. The Hewlett Packard Printer, donated by Rose Wookey on behalf of HP, was won by Karen Milner.

Karen Milner was heard to quip that Lefties Day could be renamed with winners going to the right. They could then be called Righteous on Heritage Day.

There was a large turnout of bowlers who participated in the Lefties Bring and Braai on Heritage Day.

Rose had Di Binns, cutting burger rolls, Haley Bauman assisting and taking pictures. Pam Gishen collected the money. Thank you to all, it really takes teamwork and we are all grateful.

There are many pictures of this memorable day appearing in the Newsletter and we thank all for participating.

The new season is almost upon us.


“Well over the Fast” to those of us who will Celebrate and remember the Jewish Day of Atonement on Saturday 30th September.

Ronnie Herrmann


Wanderers Bowls Club