Welcome to the October edition of the newsletter.

The past month has seen a change on our greens.  Both C and D have received toppings and levelings.  This together with fertilisation and weed control, and you can see the lovely green colour coming through.  C will be in action early in November we think and D will take a little longer, as we intend to ensure that it is better than last year (not that it was bad at all – but in line with our vision of improving all greens over a few seasons, back to their former glory and capable of hosting tournaments such as the SA Masters).  A and B have been chemically treated and in December / January will receive their top dressings.  Here are a few photos of what happens – just look at the old grass!!

We hosted a successful X-Fit group from that Club on a Saturday afternoon with over 50 people trying their hand at bowls.  They had a great party!  Pictured here are Gary Summerton who assisted on the day and our Sports Manager Debbie Friend and Operations Manager Neil McIntosh who helped organise and ensure that all ran well.

The highlight of this month was the AGM.  As described by Ronelle, it was happy, well organised and successful.  It was so good to see such a good turnout and the tea and cakes went down a treat.  The minutes have already been circulated to all members.  Thank you to Janis Fluxman for donating a new trophy in memory of Walter, which will be awarded to someone who is a Mensch, in the style of Walter.  The first recipients being the pair of Ronnie Grek and Brian Myers. A hearty welcome to the new (but same members of your committee) and to Trevor Rosenberg on his election to the committee.  I trust that this year will be a good one and that this, the 93rd year of its existence, will see the bowls club on an upward trajectory with bowlers enjoying the game and each other’s company.  May this jolly pandemic go away so some normality can return and we can once again have fun, fellowship and enjoyable bowling.

Lists will go up on the board for leagues and various JBA and National tournaments for you to enter again.  Obviously, leave lists will go up again as well.  Please note that by entering your name, we will expect full commitment and support for whomsoever the selection committee, under Philip Brest, selects for each of the teams.  The notice will also be spread by WhatsApp. We are looking at various combinations for league and it is likely that we will have 2 men’s sides and a mixed or ladies side.  Some changes for men though are that any entry will need to be supported by at least one 20/20 and a practice game or two.  Leagues will begin in January 2022.

Two sides are enjoying the Mid-week league and good luck to each team in that competition.

Looking forward to seeing more folk at TABS now, and enjoying a drink afterwards either in Chariots, Fourteen or our own bowler’s lounge.

Good Bowling

Richard Bucher