Welcome to the next edition of the newsletter

This month has been a particularly strange month.  Whilst things were on the up and more people were beginning to bowl, the third wave of this COVID pandemic began.  Last night it was announced that the lockdown level was changed to 2. Let’s see if that affects us at all as we await JBA and BSA guidance.

In the meantime, our league sides still aren’t performing up to their usual level. I for one am not surprised given the delays and uncertainties with which we have had to live.  Perhaps next year will be better and I will canvas opinion but am in favour of reducing the number of sides as I feel that too much “noise” occurs with a resulting general unhappiness as the season progresses.

Well done to a bunch of folk led by our Vice-Chairman (yes even for ladies) Janis on the running of the weekend for the Ladies National Pairs at our club.  We now have a core of people who know what to do when given JBA or BSA events and this is a source of income to the bowls section.  Compliments were received for Green B, the organisation and indeed the first day of superb catering.  JBA acknowledged the good work of all participating clubs.

One side represented Wanderers at the Men’s Nationals in Cape Town.  The greens in Cape Town are superb, alas, we did not succeed to any great degree there, other than become one of the well-known teams as we had Stan Sandler performing so well and everyone amazed that at (with 2 moths to go) a gentleman of 90 being so sprightly and able to dish out some lessons to the younger folk.  The Capetonians were very friendly and we thank them for their efforts.

A drawn pairs tournament (2-4-2) with a plate and open prize began last weekend and was well attended.  Thanks to Richard Haupt (and team) for running this. The Gauteng Open begins next month and good luck to those who have entered.

Unfortunately, a few of our members became ill during May, some with COVID and we wish them a speedy recovery.  Martin Lewis was mauled by a dog and fortunately has come through this terrible incident well – well enough to take the 2020 Wanderers Men’s singles title which was fought hard between him and Chris Price last Saturday morning. Well done to both of you.

Myer Guinsberg has taken over the reins as our Treasurer again, I thank him and look forward to working with him once again.

Stay safe and warm and positive

Good Bowling