We are sad to be told about the passing of Kevin Kobusch who passed away recently.

Kevin was a humble man who had time for everyone. He was a fine bowler and he was the winner of the South African men’s open singles twice. Kevin was the Wanderers Bowls green keeper for many years, he befriended many a pigeon who become fat on the food he lovingly fed them.

It was sad for all when he started to decline and we can only wish his family ” long Life” and may they only have happy memories of an excellent person.

May has been a slow month with the league season just ended.  On Sunday the 26th May we celebrated our excellent 2017/2018 achievements by holding a breakfast.  Wanderers really did well and ate well too.  The breakfast was organised by Janis Fluxman and was a total success, as anything organised by Janis is.

The food was excellent, the bowls games enjoyable, and the after bowls boerewors roll, braaied by Rose Wookey, sumptuous.  What was even more remarkable, not one complaint about anything!!!!!

Well done to the ladies. Janis, Pam Gishen and Rose Wookey.

Cash prizes were drawn after bowls and 3 winners were announced.  Ronelle van Werken, Paul Botha and Morris Cohen. All extremely popular winners.  Stan Friedman and Stan Sandler have reached the playoff stage of the PRO 10 pairs competition and we wish them only the best in their games to come.

Saturday the 25th August should be our 2018/2019 AGM and Doreen will soon be putting up notices on the board.  We need committee volunteers to step forward to ensure that our club is an unqualified success.  Please support Wanderers as Wanderers supports us.


Good to see Mike Hurwitz back on the green!

Margaret Stoneham, we only wish you good luck going forward. Keep the smile always on your face.

We congratulated Sefton Mofsowitz on the birth of twin grandsons. What a way to join the Wanderers bowls section.

Gerald Rosin is back at bowls. Gerald, it is great pleasure seeing your happy face and hearing your complaints once again.

We hope that turnouts at bowls Tabs will be good. Tabs is where bowlers play serious bowls and have fun.  The more and stronger bowlers that turn out, the more enjoyable the occasion for all.

Bowls held their league breakfast on the 26th May. It was extremely well attended.


wanderers club Bowls News - May 2018 3

Tommy Clark, not too sure, Sefton Mofsowitz, beaming as his son just had twin boys and Mike Kipling, happy because his wife Irene is attending

wanderers club Bowls News - May 2018 4

Manager David with two blondes Janis Fluxman and Pam Gishen. As per usual Janis organised a great breakfast while Pam made sure that everything was controlled and orderly

wanderers club Bowls News - May 2018 5

Phil Lazarus and Ronnie Grek
· Phil has just had a double cataract op. Now can see where the jack is. Ronnie is hoping that the boerewors supplied for the after bowls hot dog is of the same outstanding quality that it always is.

wanderers club Bowls News - May 2018 6

Walter Fluxman, Giovanni Masio, Dave Kaplan just heard that the sausages being served are beef, hence the happy smiles

wanderers club Bowls News - May 2018 7

Gerald Rosen Kees van Dijk always happy but Kees is questioning why

wanderers club Bowls News - May 2018 8

The first pic taken by Janis Fluxman was of Brian Myers , he does not look too sure of the breakfast about to be dished up.

wanderers club Bowls News - May 2018 9

Glynn Ismay is happy as he does love his food and just had a whiff.

Please support your club and members.


Ronnie Herrmann

Chairman – Wanderers Bowls