Welcome to the March 2022 edition of the newsletter.  Again, the year continues to speed by.  This has been rather a busy month but not too much to report.

Again we played plenty, ran multiple competitions, corporate and an open day, open pairs and league hosting, JBA Seniors events and of course Tower Novices.

Welcome to our latest new member Ian Mandy – may you have many years of good bowling with us.

The Monday afternoon open TAB in has changed to Tuesdays.  Here’s a pic on a particularly cloudy and then rainy day when we came in for drinks.  Fine comeraderie and anyone who wants to join us is welcome.

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The Wanderers open pairs are about to have the finals played.  Trevor is anxious that this is done soon – please.  Also, the trips have begun and we need to get a move on with those games please.

Trevor Rosenberg won through to the knockout stages of the JBA singles.  Well done Trev – even though you didn’t progress to the end stages we are proud that you flew the banner high.

The mid-week league team has reached the knockout stages.

Our league teams are still having mixed results.  Nevertheless, everyone must enjoy the league – remember the saying – It matters not who won or lost but how the game was played!

Our hosting skills are good and I see that the various competitions where visitors are hosted are well appreciated.

A second open day was held and the April one is sure to be quite big as a special invite to all the other sports sub clubs is being sent out.

I was away hiking in Pondoland when the Tower Novices finals were held.  All went well and the bowling was excellent.  Janis Fluxman and Gustav Aspeling made sure that the semis, finals and prize-giving went off without a hitch. Rob Zimmerman – president of JBA was there to present the prizes. Yet again a thank you to those who helped mark and officiate / umpire.  This is a major and highly rated competition and contributes to our coffers.  Pics are on the JBA website so I thought I’d show you some of the Transkei’s beautiful coastlines –  Ah – this gives me an idea – we can publish news like this of our member’s exploits? This waterfall is 1 of 3 on this coastline and there are only 16 in the world where a river falls directly into the sea.

We are expecting to have our greens graded in April.  They are playing very well by all accounts.

We have also been selected to host the Commonwealth Games Squad practices and you are all welcome to watch them over the weekend of April 9 and 10.

May you all play well and enjoy your bowls.

Good Bowling

Richard Bucher