Well, well we have moved on.  Bowlers are slowly returning as Covid-19 abates.  Hopefully for a long time.  I wonder if there will be good news about a vaccine and the predicted Third Wave.

Leagues are back and JBA and National tournaments are being planned and played.  We have had a few successes where a number of people went through the Sectional rounds of the JBA singles and 3 bowl pairs. Well done to Duane and Stan for reaching the semi-final stages of the singles. Good luck to all remaining in the 3 bowl pairs.  Our league play has attracted varying results – the Men’s A, B and C teams as well as the Mixed team are struggling to get going, all in the lower end of their respective leagues.  I’m sure that will change though.  Practice individually and as teams, BMT as well as strategy and compatibility is the name of the game guys! Maybe a little old ” rub of the green or weather” wouldn’t go amiss either.  The 2 teams playing in the mid-weed league have progressed to the knockout stage – Good luck and hopefully you can bring back the honours.

The outside benches have been refurbished and cushions were made.  We launched these great additions on the Heritage Day breakfast and last man standing comp.  This was a huge success – we haven’t seen 40 people coming to a club event for ages – I think people are so keen to get out and into a relatively safe (for Covid) kind of event that there was a super turnout.  Paul Botha’s son took first prize and 3 bottles of wine were made available for Lucky Draws.

Most (yes there have been some moans and groans) people have been very supportive and happy with the new design and material of the new shirt.  It certainly is cooler and breathes better than the old one.  I’m sorry that the sizes were on the smaller side, so we are making up some larger ones for the really bigger and taller folk.  There are still quite a few so please contact me on WhatsApp and we can arrange a 2nd or 3rd shirt for you and ensure that the larger sizes are ordered.

Very pleasing is that we now are hosting a further competition for JBA seniors on Thursdays.  Ronnie Herman has been instrumental in that.  We had a very complimentary comment from the Club’s Chairman – Colin Warner – saying that it was wonderful to see the greens full of colour and players and life during the week.

On a sad note we all mourned the passing of a wonderful lady last month. Margaret Stoneham was a great bowler, always helped out and someone to whom I personally looked up to.  RIP dear Margaret.

Some nice photos on the next page

All the best to all our members celebrating Pesach and Easter.

Keep safe and Good Bowling