Welcome to the June 2022 edition of the newsletter.

The greens have changed from green to grey in the last 2 weeks, frost, rain and biting wind saw to that. Nevertheless, it’s always nice weather on a green – actually even though the temperature is low the sun shines and it’s really quite pleasant. We have changed the TABS start bowling times to 13:30 on a Saturday and 09:00 on a Sunday.

Again, this has been rather a busy month. We played good TABS, the internal comps are moving along slowly – please get them done asap and started the 4-3-2-1 and mixed pairs comps. A corporate day and an open day.

The open day is being aimed at the sub-clubs to encourage other sportspeople to play and feel that there are other alternatives once they stop playing their more vigorous sports or to play an additional one. The Squash Club and Badmington Clubs battled it out this month and Squash was once again victorious. Nevertheless, I have to say that there was great competition and enthusiasm. We think that there will be a few new members in bowls soon.

Here is Victor carting the bowls back after the open day (and corporate days).


JBA Seniors have moved on to playing the more popular 2-4-2 competition. All 4 greens are being used for this and it lasts till end 7 July. The President of JBA Seniors has been most complimentary on the state of the greens and the hosting and catering.

The BSA Commonwealth Games squad practice took place from 10 to 12 June and there was good bowls to watch. D green ran very well and we were complimented on its condition. May the Proteas come back from Birmingham with good results.

The Tuesday school is running well and we are all enjoying getting out there. We average about 14 players each Tuesday – even with the colder weather. The new school of TABS on Wednesday afternoons with Killarney members has grown to 30. This month was hosted at Killarney and we will be back at Wanderers in July. Everyone seems to really enjoy the days and the main aim is to enjoy and socialise with our new friends. It’s a pleasure playing good bowls in such an atmosphere.

Above also – our ex-Protea (Martin Lewis) practices at Wanderers and we bumped into him on Tuesday after he had won the Sonja Smith Masters: open men at the weekend. 21 -16 after 19 ends.

May you all play well and enjoy your bowls.
Good Bowling
Richard Bucher