Welcome to the July 2022 edition of the newsletter.  

The greens are still grey.  The weather has been quite OK on some days and as expected rather cold on others.  Soon will come the time for spring treatments and we expect that we will keep 2 open during September and October.  You are reminded that the winter Saturday TAB times will remain in effect for August and will revert to 2pm with a latest TAB in at 13:45.

Our AGM will in all likelihood be around October – approx. the same time as the main club’s AGM.  You will be notified in good time.  Things have improved significantly this year and I ask that anyone who can assist either on the committee or in some other form to please chat with us so that we can get off to a flying start in the new season. There is interesting news and discussion from BSA/JBA regarding affiliation.  You have received the notice via WhatsApp and I hope that we can bring you fully up to date then. 

It is with sadness that we noted the passing of Keith Farquahrson.  He was a true gentleman and he loved the Wanderers. Janis paid tribute to him at a celebration of his life in the bowlers lounge.  Our sympathies and best wishes to Dot and family.

Again, this has been rather a busy month.  We played good TABS – through glorious winter’s days and some very cold ones.  Tuesday afternoons are well attended and Wednesday together with the Killarney guys is a treat and we fill a green to the brim each week. Here is a pic of the last of the July afternoon’s group.  We have all realised that the main aim of bowls is about friendships and being social.

C:\Users\RichardBucher\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads\IMG_1195.jpg

The internal comps are still moving along slowly – please get them done asap and started the 4-3-2-1 and mixed pairs comps.  From now on we will be strict about dates and those that enter and don’t play by the requisite date will be scratched – irrespective of the reason.  Congrats to Dougie, Pat and Hennie who edged out Gio, Malcolm and Victor in a thrilling mornings bowls.  The same day we had a wonderful tea supplied by the Nando’s queen (Leigh).  Thank you to all who have provided teas previously and to those who have promised to bring up till mid-September. We absolutely value your contribution and Sunday’s are such a pleasure now.  Please volunteer your turn too.  

A corporate day was held and thanks to those folk who help with these.  This is the main stream of revenue to our bowls section.  

The open day is being aimed at the sub-clubs to encourage other sportspeople to play and feel that there are other alternatives once they stop playing their more vigorous sports or to play an additional one.  The Badminton, Cricket and Hockey Clubs battled it out this month.  Badminton was victorious (see pic with the trophy).  This was a particularly jovial crowd and the biggest to date.  Competition is keen! 

C:\Users\RichardBucher\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads\IMG_1182.jpg
C:\Users\RichardBucher\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads\IMG_1177.jpg
C:\Users\RichardBucher\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads\IMG_1175.jpg

The Boerewors rolls are also a hit.  Look at the empty plates and satisfied faces.  Syd Lazarus visited us and we hope that he gets back onto the greens shortly.

C:\Users\RichardBucher\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads\IMG_1180.jpg
C:\Users\RichardBucher\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads\IMG_1179.jpg

May you all play well and enjoy your bowls.

Good Bowling

Richard Bucher