Welcome to the next edition of the newsletter.

And so we march on and on and on …  Well, at least restrictions have been lifted to Level 3, the bitter cold seems to have abated (I’m sure a few more cold fronts will hit us), but folks are slowly drifting back to bowls.

Again, to all our members we urge you to stay safe, observe the protocols when playing, and keep the basics of mask wearing, sanitising and social distancing fore in your minds.  To those ill with the disease and to those recently recovered, may your health return fully and hopefully, soon we will be back playing in the fresh open air.

Enjoy the Chariots bar and please support it as it’s one of the ways we need to support the club and keep our fees as low as they are for such fantastic facilities.  The Spring Chicken is fantastic!!

I must apologise, I got the info of pairs last month wrong. The pairs continues as does the singles which will start soon – all on the WhatsApp group.  Thanks to Richard Haupt for his dedication and enthusiasm to get going again.  Importantly though, no one must feel pressurised to play TABS or enter the comps as this decision is entirely up to you.

Keep watching the WhatsApp for what we are planning for the next months.

Spring treatment of greens will begin soon but this will not affect greens being available for play.

Stay safe and warm and upbeat.

Good Bowling

Richard Bucher