Welcome to the January 2022 edition of the newsletter. Wow, the year has started with a bang. It’s already one month down and we are so busy!

December was a wonderful month. I trust everyone enjoyed their festive season and the good wishes for the New Year turn out to be exactly what we wish for.  Johannesburg’s traffic was non-existent and it was nice and quiet.  Although the Omicron Virus was at the height of the 4th wave yet we hardly felt it.  I trust that all of you are in fine fettle now.

We played plenty, and although it rained an inordinate amount.  Sometimes the rain is just too much of a good thing and although we are so grateful it did take some careful management of the greens to get them up to scratch and open. I am delighted to report that B & C & D  greens are open.  C & D are exceptionally good and B is just a week or two from being the same – and maybe better if that’s possible.  The compliments from a number of sources are truly gratifying and it must surely make our members proud to belong to a Club with such wonderful facilities.  We welcome Dougie Locke onto the Green-keeping team.  Edwin and Victor received a Christmas bonus and thanks to those who contributed to this.  See Pics below.  Janis Fluxman and Eddy Magid officially rolled the first two (simultaneous) bowls on Saturday 15 Jan.  This was followed by a spider and Ronnie Grek won the prize bottle of wine.  A wonderful meal was prepared by Janis, Pam, Rochelle and a few helpers and a jolly good time was had by all 40 or so of us. See Pics below.


We have had some more of successful “corporate” or “party”days where people have hired the greens for their end of year functions.  The great thing about this is that we accrue funds to the bowls section where we initiate the invitation and the catering obviously benefits Chariots which has a spin off for the Main Club.  We are grateful to Gary Summerton, Myer Guinsberg and Trevor Rosenberg who have assisted with these days – a big thank you to you gentlemen.  We are looking for volunteers to assist and you may talk to me to add your name to the list.  You may find it surprisingly rewarding.

2 mens teams and on ladies team have been entered for the Saturday afternoon leagues which commenced on the 29th of January. To help the ladies out, it has been wonderful to welcome a group of ladies from Dunkeld who will join us.  Some good TABS and league practices have been held and it’s great to see full greens on Saturday afternoons.  As you are probably aware, all the leagues play at a different venue each week which I think is a good improvement on simple home and away method of yester-year.  I implore everyone who has put their names down to play to support the process.  Too often the selectors have a hard time from players who believe that they are better than someone else or feel left out.  They try hard, you must practice and please support your club!  Additionally we are all sport lovers and there is no doubt that the teams will change and evolve and everyone will get a turn to represent our great Club.  Remember that the game is always greater than the player.

We welcome Brighton and Patricia to the Club – may you enjoy Good Bowling with us.

wanderers club Bowls News January 2022 8

The programme of 20/20s has been real fun, but also an eye-opener.  Hopefully, our results will improve and those that have not yet had the pleasure – please partake.

Mid-week league continues.  Good luck to you gentlemen.

Tower Novices has begun again.  Victor, Brighton and Leigh are participating.  Thanks to those assisting me.  We have close on 200 entrants. This tournament brings in a lot of visitors to the club and it’s so nice to hear such wonderful comments.  Here are some pics of the first week’s session.

Welcome and instructions and play.

The JBA Seniors have chosen to play a Trips tournament that lasts until April.  There are 3 greens in full use on Thursday afternoons.  We welcome them and from their comments so far they are enjoying the facilities and love the greens. We wish all of our members who are competing Good Bowling.  Here are some pics of their first day last week.

Feedback from our workshops will be given toward the end of February.  We will hold a day of bowls to support CANSA awareness at the end of Feb as well.  Please support this wonderful cause.

May you all play well and enjoy your bowls.

Good Bowling

Richard Bucher