With the current Level 3 restrictions, remember that we are allowed to play pairs and singles and quite a few folk are enjoying the Tab sessions.

Covid-19 saw a resurgence with the second wave and further restrictions (back to level 3).  So, just as folks were coming back to TABS and the promise of league and comps were on the horizon all fell flat.  Although we’d like to see more players, being sensible and keeping safe and healthy is your and our main priority.  I’m sure once the vaccine starts kicking in everyone will be anxious to get back.

In the meantime, we are allowed to play pairs and singles and quite a few folk are enjoying the Tab sessions. A number of people are playing bounce games and that seems quite popular – keep it up guys. As a side note – the greens are running well – and our thanks go to Tony and the two greenkeepers!!

Thanks to the Old EDS folk who are playing a wonderful role in swelling the ranks, playing often, and may you enjoy your bowls at The Wanderers. After all the sessions, we have been retiring to the Chariots bar and enjoying the social side in a very nice and new environment.  We can recommend the food as well! Please join us there.

We still have more summer months ahead – so please make sure you hydrate adequately and use sun screen!  Also ensure that the Covid-19 register is always updated when you play – there is a thermometer – and the red file is located at the green, so there is no excuse not to enter your names.

Finally, to all those folk who have been or are still ill, may you return to health soon and our best wishes to you all.  It’s wonderful to see that the Bowls Family is caring and considerate and our Whatsapp messages on the WBC group show what a special bunch of people the Wanderers bowlers are.

Finally, Keep safe and healthy, and until we see you again, remember to sanitise, social distance and mask up.

Best regards in Bowling

Richard Bucher