Welcome to the February 2022 edition of the newsletter.  Again, wow, the year continues at a frenetic pace.  It seems like the Festive season has just ended and it’s already the end of February.  This has been one of the busiest months I have ever gone through from a Bowls perspective.

We played plenty, ran multiple competitions, corporate / family days, league hosting, JBA Seniors events and of course Tower Novices.

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The greens are playing excellently.  I personally have rolled the greens with our motorised roller and it must be one of the wonderful feelings, knowing that playing on that particular green is going to be pure bliss. In terms of rain, we have had 2 days in particular where the thunderstorms just dumped tons of water onto the greens – totally submerging them.  See our new lakes in the pics below.  Thank goodness for the great drainage as the water is all gone within 30 minutes or so.

Unfortunately, the water and hail did some damage and there was a lot of debris, but with some effort, we got Tower Novices off only 5 minutes late.

Tower Novices has run well, bar the postponement of one day.  The quarter-finals will be on 5 March and the semis and finals will be on the 12th. Come and watch some excellent bowls.  Thanks especially to Gus Aspeling, the main organiser and Brian and Trevor for umpiring so often.

Our first Open Day occurred on Sunday – the last one of each month here on in.  A wonderful family experience and great to see such participation. I can already see a bevy of brilliant bowlers in the future.

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There were a number of players participating in the JBA Singles – we are proud to have you representing Wanderers.

The Wednesday League has finished the round-robin stage and well done to Richard’s and Ronnie’s teams.  Good luck in the knock out phase.

The Wanderers Open Pairs is about to reach the final stage and we look forward to a great game then.  There will now commence an Open Trips.  The open TABS on Mondays has been enjoyed by up to 14 players and will soon change to a Tuesday afternoon.  JBA Seniors have now completed 8 of their scheduled 10 games on Thursdays and it’s great to see 108 players and a number of spectators enjoying our wonderful greens and hospitality.  Our facilities are something to be proud of.

May you all play well and enjoy your bowls.

Good Bowling

Richard Bucher