Welcome to the April 2022 edition of the newsletter. Again, this has been rather a busy month but not too much to report.

Again we played plenty, ran multiple competitions, corporate days and an open day, open pairs, began our open trips and league hosting, JBA Seniors events and not forgetting hosting the BSA Commonwealth Games squad practice.

The winners of the pairs were Gio and Trevor who fought a superb battle to beat their opposition of Phil and Roy pictured here.  An excellent match with the winners playing superb bowls.

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The Tuesday school is running well and we are all enjoying getting out there.

The weather has been rather up and down – The Commonwealth squad practice was lucky to have been played – the Sunday was so wet that only 2 hours could be fitted in. They were impressed with our hosting capabilities and their second practice will be in early June just before they leave for Birmingham.

The Easter weekend was a complete washout as it poured and poured. Now we have cold but sunny days and presumably no more rain for a few months. Autumn is truly here – see all the acorns falling on D Green.

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The Saturday league has been concluded. Well done to the WanderGals – the combined Dunkeld and Wanderers ladies who put up a good showing.  In the Men’s league, the B side finished with a flourish and maintained their league status. Unfortunately not the same can be said of the A-side who has been relegated. Better luck and better bowling next year gents!

The mid-week pairs team of Richard, Dougie, Malcolm and Stan just missed out on advancing to the finals in an exciting game against Belgravia.  Well done to this team and the other regulars Chris and Alan.

The JBA Seniors had an excellent Trips competition for 10 weeks.  They are now playing a last-man-standing comp.

Now that league is done, we impress upon all to come play TABS and make Saturdays and Sundays strong and exciting.  Thanks to all who contribute eats each Sunday.

There has been an uptick in Covid again so we wish all those who pick up the virus to get well soon – remember keep sanitizing – it really helps.

Last – congratulations to Jack Colter who is getting married on Saturday 30 April.  We all wish you and Marita a wonderful life together.

May you all play well and enjoy your bowls.

Good Bowling

Richard Bucher