With one week remaining for the JBA Saturday League to be played out, our E team, comprising fathers and sons, has already gained promotion from 6th Division to 5th. What a great achievement and well done to Christian Kerr and his men!

The A is now in fifth place. B in Premier League is 11th.

The C has an excellent chance of gaining promotion while the D are almost certain of winning the 5th Division! Great achievement for all our members.  What is even more heartening is the comradeship and pride that has emerged with hardly a drop out.

What is extremely sad is the passing of Solly Hotz. Long Life to Archie and family.  The achievements in National Bowls of Solly will be an extremely hard act to follow.

The Ladies A are currently in 4th place. Keep it going.

The Pennant side are mid league and have enjoyed the season.


Well done to Duanne Abrahams, Phil Brest and Greg Burns for winning the JBA Trips title. There was a large contingent of Wanderers supporters at the final who were there to egg them on to victory.  Greg is only 17 so the achievement is even greater. There is so much more awaiting this fine young man and it will be exciting watching him achieve even more as he matures!!

Greg Burns was also responsible for supervising the Tower Novices with 190 entries received.  The Tower Novices has now reached the Semi Final and Final stage will be played off at Wanderers this weekend the 18th February.  Well done to Ron Burn, Greg, Gus, and all those many bowlers who assisted in ensuring the success of the tournament.

Rochelle Grusin was the proud winner of the 2017 Champion of Champion Novices Ladies Singles Title. She is practising on the greens almost daily – no wonder. Our coaches Terry Fry and Brian Myers are always willing to assist her.

The 2017 BSA Masters was held from 10-12 February at Wanderers.  What an occasion for the Club to strut like a Peacock. And boy, did we!  With the copious rains our garden surrounds and greens were sparkling. The weather played along, and the Bowlers Bar reverberated with the clink of glasses as Shane and Victor kept the thirsty customers well supplied.

Neil McIntosh excelled with the food provided. The supervision was clockwork.

Peter Yorke Smith, Adrian Burke, Fana, Amos and Edwin excelled and I cannot praise everyone who helped enough.  Peter ensured that everything was in place, in time, a hard act to follow.  Adrian made sure that no one complained about flags, umpires boxes etc.

This year we had Australia represented. Steve Glasson, the coach, and many times decorated World Champion remarked, “Nowhere in the World are there facilities like this”. Well done Wanderers !!!

The only pity was that neither Bobby Donnelly nor Wayne Perry reached the final.

On 21 March, [Tuesday and Public holiday] Janis Fluxman will be organising an end of league breakfast.  It is R 40 per head and will start at 9.00 till 10.00.   Tabs will then be played as a FUN Competition till 13.00 and thereafter Rose Wookey has organised a bring and braai.

Allan Gordon has taken responsibility for the Bowls Competition.

It is imperative that League Captains inform Janis as to the exact number of players/family attending and collect money for the breakfast.

To Margaret Stoneham who had an operation, Stan Friedman who also had a back op, recover quickly so that we can see your smiling faces gracing the greens.

It is sad when a prominent member leaves – we are losing Terry Bulkin and our loss is Port Elizabeth’s gain.  Good luck to Pam and Terry and may the impending move be successful.

Enjoy your bowls and thank you to all for the wonderful spirit and support that you have generated at Wanderers.

Ronnie Herrmann

Wanderers Bowls Club.