We are now at the end of the 2016/2017 Bowls committee year. Much has happened in the past year under review, it has been an excellent year of achievement for Wanderers.

1. We will start with the obituaries;
Henry Ulfane. Vee Saad, Rueben Kartun, Lawrence Stanley Metz, Sidney Levitan, Norman Metz, Cyril Green, Abe Tradonsky, Cyril Katz, Solly Hotz.

wanderers club Bowls August Update 1

The members start to gather with Sam Rosen in the foreground. He could not read as his glasses were at home.

2. The Committee
The committee this year has been outstanding and we at Wanderers cannot thank them enough for giving of their time and expertise. All performed in their given portfolio’s and their report backs were always positive. Although we only meet only once a month, being on the committee is an undertaking as we all are in employment at present. Thanks to you all for your sacrifice, doing a volunteer job that you enjoy.

Brian Myers, no one can appreciate how much you give of yourself, the mother hen, ensuring that all is in place and everyone is happy playing bowls at the club.The club would struggle to maintain the level you have set should you ever resign!

Rose Wookey with her motivation of the Ladies section, the enthusiasm which she shows at all times, and you ever smiling face, backed up by words and deeds, is brilliant. Even our notice boards are clean and updated.

Janis Fluxman, her attention to detail and to the quality of food delivered by SilvaSale has been an enormous asset to the club. Not once have we been let down by poor organisation! Always perfectly executed.

wanderers club Bowls August Update 2

Treasurer Brian Myers before the AGM

Adrian Burke, quietly efficient, his contribution has been huge. He has looked after the lockers, been the club’s JBA delegate, technical official, ensured the greens, umpires boxes were complete, flags in place, etc. He also surveyed the greens for our BSA report. Each green taking 4 hours.

Ron Burns and the development, ideas, presentations was always extremely enthusiastic. Myer Guinsberg has always been a legend in Industry. We were so fortunate to have him as treasurer this year and are devastated that he is no longer able to continue as treasurer due to the pressure of work. This past year he saved the section R14 000 in wrong claims against us. Well done and thank you! Please Myer, change your mind!!!

Allan Gordon was our vice chairman. This year he is standing for Higher honours, the JBA Committee That will be excellent for the JBA.
Charl Gussenhoven and Eddy Magid interviewed NEW members. Charl was kept extremely busy with disciplinary hearings and conducted them with dignity to all. Thank you Charl, it is an extremely thankless portfolio to handle. Like marriage, you are never right! Not all transgressions in the last two years have led to disciplinary hearings. We have used the method of “discussion” with the individual concerned successfully.

Your committee, as elected, is well capable of handling any eventuality that arises.  What happens in the bowls section, stays in the bowl’s section. We do not need embarrassment.

Once again, thank you to Paul Botha who has excelled as Convenor of the Men’s Internal Competitions. Well done Paul, your contribution to club stability is so meaningful and substantial.

wanderers club Bowls August Update 3

Ronnie Herrmann walks in smiling. He does not have to listen to the Chairman’s report

Rose Wookey is convenor of Ladies Competitions, while Margaret Stoneham is selection convenor.
Warwick Sagar was Men’s Selection Convenor. This year we had selectors for the A&B while Brian Myers and Terry Bulkin selected the lower sides. It worked well and we will continue with this format.

Pesel Gelman and Margaret Stoneham are our Ladies selectors this year, in addition to Rose Wookey, we will be entering 2 sides in the Ladies league. The A side will play in Division 2 with the Ladies B in 4th Division.

All our Men’s league teams will play in the new envisaged leagues. Our A side in the 12 player first Division made up of the Top 8 clubs of last year, the others in Super 8’s. Teams will comprise 8 players. A club can have as many teams entered as possible even in the same Division outside of “Premier”. All leagues are on a home and away basis which constitutes 14 games.

Audrey Bernstein, thank you for sending out the letters of sympathy or congratulations and with your normal smile.

3. Greens
Our greens were in an improved condition this year. When BSA came to judge our green conditions, they were amazed at the vast improvement on previous. The copious rains were an amazing help. Thank you to Fana, Edwin, Amos [under the supervision of Tony Faulkner] with regard to the work carried out. The A side will play in Division 2  in the new  Top 8 league with the Ladies B in Division 4.
Our next problem is the foreign grass which is appearing. The Main Club, with Richard Bucher as the driver, are investigating the planting of a grass nursery so these foreign invaders can be eliminated. Thank you to Gary Summerton who always is in attendance at the Corporate Days ensuring their smooth running.

4. Social Aspects/ Tournaments
Mike Bolel kept the Wednesday Hatzollah afternoon going stronger than ever, a new innovation has been the boerewors roll eaten with vigour thereafter. Adrian Schofield and the Skollies continue to prosper and their monthly Round Robin of 8 clubs rotating at the various clubs is eagerly anticipated. Martin Robert Frack has his Tuesday morning bounce game. Samuel Rosen organizes his Thursday afternoon bounce games. Long may these continue!

It is great watching Allan Bell, Jeff Carter and Chris Price playing their games during the week. That is what the club it is all about.
Well done to Brian Myers on his administration and organisation of the annual Quadrangular tournament. Ron Burns assisted with the correlation of results.

Thank you to all our players who somehow made Wanderers the overall winners. This was an outstanding achievement.
The Tower Novices was once again played at Wanderers and Italian Club ably administered by Ron Burns and Greg Burns with Gus Aspeling organising the Italian Club greens. There were 191 participating and enjoyed by all. Thank you to Jasper Hulley and Peter Yorke Smith for giving of their time.

Rose Wookey has organised 2 x LEFTIES days.  Teams are organised into Rinks of 4 playing as many games as possible. Losers stay in place with winners moving to the Left. She also donated Hewlett/Packard Printers. The First winner was Simmy Silberman. Gary Summerton went home with the second-day printer.

Two after-league braai’s were held, thank you to Janis Fluxman for organizing these. They were excellent and well attended.
In February we hosted the 2017 Stuart Weaving tour. The players were from Jersey and were extremely strong boasting a World Bowls Pairs runner up and European winners.

Wanderers obviously lost but it was a tremendous afternoon with the Jersey flag fluttering in the breeze. They have already approached and requested that we host them in February 2018.

5. Finances
Myer Guinsberg has been tremendous. We cannot thank him enough. By being diligent, he saved the section R14 000 in overcharges and invoices that were not for us. There is presently R168 000 in our bank account, plus interest still to be claimed from the Main club. Expenses are high as the section is charged even for overtime at bowls tournaments. As income is not accrued to the bowls section, the honour of holding these tournaments must be relooked.

Overtime for the Masters was R3 800 alone. Other once off expense was the cost of R4 000 for 10 x sets of old bowls being downsized to 000. These bowls cannot be used in competition however! Next year we will order 00. Tea expenses are also high, however Monies laid out by Janis Fluxman for the Masters, will result in a saving in the long term as the excess is used up. We also paid out R4 500 for under 19 subs and competition expenses. This is a long term investment. We are investing in our future. There has been a large influx of bowlers into our club. Hopefully, this will continue.

6 Honours
These were plentiful:
1. JBA Open Trips
Duanne Abrahams, Philip Brest, Greg Burns

2. JBA Open Pairs
Duanne Abrahams, Greg Burns

3. JBA U 19 Masters
Greg Burns winner with Christian Kerr as the runner up !

4. JBA Ladies Novice Champion
Rochelle Grusin

5. JBA Wednesday League
Mike Bolel , Warwick Sagar, Jason Smith and Greg Burns.

6. BSA Masters 2017
Bobby Donnely and Wayne Perry were chosen participants

7. JBA Masters 2017
Martin Lewis, Bobby Donnely and Duanne Abrahams will be participating.

8. District Representation
JBA U 19
Greg Burns
Josh Wookey
Christian Kerr
Kyle Smith
Charl Potgieter

9. Bobby reached the semi-finals in the 2017 Gauteng Men’s Singles, Duanne Abrahams and Greg Burns the last 8 of the Men’s Pairs in the 2017 Gauteng Championship.

All had the same in common, they were defeated by the eventual winners.
Bobby Donnelly also made the last 8 in the BSA singles.

10 Wanderers Club 2017 Winners

8.1 Men’s Open Singles
Duanne Abrahams
8.2 Men’s Senior Singles
Ronnie Herrmann
8.3 Ladies Open Singles
Lynn Levin

The men’s pair, drawn pairs and mixed pairs are still being played.

Anne van Dijk and the Tuesday and Wednesday TABS has collapsed due to passing on of many of the participants. It would be great if this could be restarted.

wanderers club Bowls August Update 4

Happy Old Eds players

wanderers club Bowls August Update 5

Ron Burns telling Ron Grek and Phil Lazarus about the one good shot he played all day.

wanderers club Bowls August Update 6

Rian Myers and Peter Yorke Smith counting the takings with Mark Oliver and Henry Cohen { Old Eds} checking for errors! Brian Bowen and Theo Katzeff [ Old Eds ]

wanderers club Bowls August Update 7

Janis and Walter Fluxman celebrating an excellent day

Though this has been a great year and all at Wanderers should be congratulated on a successful club, dark clouds are looming. The present committee members need assistance before they are chased away by the pressure of work!! Please come forward and volunteer your services. We are all busy in our lives, however, there is a saying “a busy person always has time”.

wanderers club Bowls August Update 8

Happy Old Edwardian bowlers

Ronnie Herrmann
Chairman -Wanderers Bowls Club