wanderers club Bowls April Update 1

Brian Myers, STAR of Wanderers Bowls Club

This note comes from our hard-working secretary, Brian Myers. He is doing yeoman service and needs volunteers to step up to the mat!

It is so true, we do need help and we have so few prepared to assist in maintaining the fortunes of the club

It’s about time that Wanderers members took responsibility for their club; elections are coming up and we need committed members to make themselves available for election. ALSO, we need members to make themselves available to assist when we host outside tournaments at Wanderers. It is expensive to maintain 4 greens and your subs do not cover the costs of running the bowls section at Wanderers and the Wanderers club rely on the outside tournaments to generate additional income for the club. Any member that would like to qualify as markers, umpires and coaches should please contact Brian Myers who will make arrangements for you to attend course; being a member of a club requires input from its members.

From Brian Myers

Bowls News

wanderers club Bowls April Update 2

Martin Lewis and Duanne Abrahams after winning the JBA Open Pairs.
Note the matching Wanderers Shirts and bags. Colour coordinated.

Another league season has passed, Wanderers players have once again done us proud.

We have just been informed of the triumph of Duanne Abrahams and Martin Lewis in winning the JBA 2018 Open Pairs title.

This is really a great achievement and congratulations from all the proud Wanderers members !!! 

Bobby Donnelly and Warwick Sagar reached the last 8 in the competition and unfortunately, the two Wanderers sides played against each other.

Pity that it was not in the final.

The Premier [club ] side finished in 6th position. Well done to all.

The A side won the Super 8 First division, unfortunately, no promotion but still an exciting triumph.

The B team won the second Division and get promoted to First Division next year. 

So, in 2018/2019, Wanderers will have two sides playing in Division 1 of the Super 8 league.

Congratulations to the A and B teams.

The C team in Division 3 were not as lucky as they finished runner-up.

The D team was unfortunately relegated.

The E team landed up second in Division 5. Only one team goes up and we congratulate Allan Gordon on his team’s performance.

Job well done.

wanderers club Bowls April Update 3

Ronnie Grek, Warwick Sagar and Walter Fluxman who were excitedly watching Duanne and Martin win.
Thank you to Janis Fluxman for the pictures.

Janis Fluxman and the Mixed side landed up midway on the table. They really enjoyed their season.

The Ladies A had a great season. Though ending second in Division 2 they still made Wanderers proud.

Do hope that we can enter a team in Super 8 as well.

Warwick Sagar has decided that he needs a one-year sabbatical from being bowls selection convenor. He really has pulled his weight and he deserves his “rest”.

At the AGM we will require, amongst others, a new Financial treasurer as Paul Botha [ who has been excellent] cannot continue with the portfolio.

Janis Fluxman is in the process of moving to Woodmead, so, we will require a catering coordinator. Janis has been outstanding in her arrangements but we do need someone to step up.

She will be a great loss. 

Ronnie Herrmann will also be retiring as Chairman. It has been 3 years and is now time to hand over the reins to someone else.

As requested by the hard working Brian Myers, please come forward and do your part for Wanderers, we are really a proud club, with a long and Successful history, we need YOU.


Ronnie Herrmann


Wanderers Bowls Club