The Badminton section’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 November from 19h00 in the social area at the back of the courts. This will be followed by a social evening with bring-and-share snacks. Please supply your own drinks.


Full details can be obtained from Committee members – and please make sure you watch the notice board for additional information.


Shuttlecocks are small, dense and usually travel at high speed in close proximity to players. According to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, in countries where badminton is widely played, doubles players are especially at risk for eye injuries.

wanderers club Badminton October News 3 

There is no regulation on eye protection from Badminton South Africa. The Wanderers Club advocates safety and recommends the wearing of protective eyewear as a basic precautionary measure to be taken.


Protective eyewear is reasonably priced and can be obtained from sportswear stores, usually in the “squash accessories” section.


Enjoy the game!


Enquiries relating to badminton at The Wanderers: please contact Dave Calvert on 083 263 8212 and Shane Perrier on 074 299 0681.