With the extended lockdown, we are experiencing uncertain times. The Wanderers Badminton Committee will keep members updated.

In the interim, we wish everyone well and trust that you and your loved ones are keeping safe.

There will undoubtedly be changes once we can recommence badminton. We expect this to go beyond revised court etiquette and to include precautions involving hygiene.

There is likely to be a shortage of shuttles and no doubt an increase in cost. So please be prepared to be frugal with regard to their use: – be willing to play on and not to discard shuttles until absolutely necessary and to do whatever it takes to limit the number used.

It is a challenging time but let’s do our best to keep fitness levels up – in anticipation of a return to our sport.

For general enquiries relating to badminton at The Wanderers, please contact Dave Calvert on 083 263 8212 and Shane Perrier on 074 299 0681.