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Visual of young players at Air Badminton. Left to right, Raziallah and Muhammed

Air Badminton was launched at The Wanderers Club on 20 November. It is a new outdoor addition to the traditional sport of badminton.

The event was well attended and highly enjoyable. There was no cost and equipment was provided for use on the designated courts marked out at the edge of the cricket field. We were especially pleased to welcome a group of young people from Springs who play badminton there in a development initiative. wanderers club Badminton News November 2021 8

The concept of Air Badminton was launched in 2019 in Asia and was taken up by the World Badminton Federation to create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to play the sport on different surfaces, including hard surfaces plus grass and sand.

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It took 5 years to develop Air Shuttles. They are more durable and have increased stability and visibility than traditional shuttles. Being heavier, they have increased resistance to the wind to enable playing outdoors – which certainly helped at our launch but thankfully the rain stayed away. wanderers club Badminton News November 2021 10

Given the success of the launch and the keen interest shown, the badminton section will keep this in mind and will look at organising other events.


Thanks are expressed to:

Debbie Friend for organising media coverage and advertising for the Air Badminton day and for liaising with our cricket section to arrange availability of the field where it took place.

Neil McIntosh who went out of his way to mark out the field with Air Badminton courts.

Frank the Chairman of the cricket section who re-arranged the cricket schedule to fit in the Air Badminton session.

Harvey Ferreira the Chairman of Alberton Badminton Club who organised the provision of nets, racquets and shuttles.

To Les Brazier and David Calvert, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of The Wanderers Badminton section – thank you for starting the shuttle flying on this new sport. Without you, the day and initiative would not have happened.

Interested? Contact  Les on 083 626 3576 or David on 083 263 8212.