We are delighted to advise that our Chairman, Les Brasier, attended the Badminton World Federation Level 1 Coaching Course in Benoni from 20th to 27th April. He successfully completed the course and is one of only 5 individuals to obtain a certificate of this kind in South Africa.

wanderers club Badminton News, May 2022 5

wanderers club Badminton News, May 2022 6

The strenuous course (from 08h00 to 16h30 daily) included practical work and a theory examination and Les is already applying the skills in his coaching of the Wanderers junior section.  There has already been noticeable progress in terms of shot-making.

Anyone interested in becoming a coach may contact Les Brazier on 083 626 3576 or David Calvert on 083 263 8212 who can provide details and further information.

A reminder on the importance of warming up and stretching before starting to play – especially as winter is here with colder temperatures. Below are some suggested warmup exercises.

  • Running forward across the width of two courts returning in the reverse direction 3 times
  • Do lunges across the width of two courts, starting by taking a large step forward and immediately bend the front leg to 90 degrees so the knee is over the foot with the back leg outstretched. Keep the upper body upright. Look forward. Alternate legs and come back in reverse. 3 times
  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms outstretched. Rotate your wrists going faster and ending with full arm swings.
  • Remember to do the running first to get the blood flowing through the muscles before stretching.

 Please take note of the dates below when the hall will be unavailable for badminton as it will be in use exclusively for gymnastics testing. Thursday 16 June (the public holiday) and extending until Saturday 18 June.

Enjoy your badminton!