We are pleased to announce the recently elected Committee for the badminton section: –

  • Les Brazier – Chairman
  • David Calvert – Vice Chairman and Treasurer
  • Chris Kuch, Adam Fan, Erskine du Toit – Committee members.

Congratulations to David Calvert, The Wanderers Club’s High-Performance coach, on being appointed to the Badminton South Africa’s Executive Committee.

Kate Shepherd is congratulated on being selected as a judge in the high diving competition at the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham, UK.

A reminder that there are designated groups with allocated time slots for badminton. A list has been posted on the outside entrance door.


Both feet must be in contact with the floor when striking the shuttle. You cannot move or lift either foot off the ground until the serve has been struck. This rule is the same for both the server and receiver – the receiver must have both feet in contact with the ground until the shuttle has been struck.

Your feet must not be touching any of the court lines 

The whole shuttle must be struck below 1.15m.  A plastic device is with two black lines at the correct height is used by a service judge to measure this.

This new rule is now used in all international tournaments. In clubs and domestic tournaments, the old service rule is still in place, as below.

“The whole shuttle shall be below the server’s waist at the instant of being hit by the server’s racquet.

The shaft and the racket head of the server’s racquet at the instant of hitting the shuttle shall be pointing in a downward direction.”

In closing an appeal to everyone regarding good housekeeping with regard to litter. Please ensure responsible disposal of wrappers, empty bottles etc. Either take them home for disposal or place them in the bins in the foyer or directly outside the hall. Let’s make our sport pleasant for all who share and use the hall as well as showing respect for our club facilities.

Enjoy your games