Please note that in accordance with a ruling from The Wanderers Club:

Strictly Members Only

No visiting or guest players are permitted.

Spectators, including friends and family members, are not permitted in the hall.

We share the hall with the gymnastics section. Below is a list of days and times of the scheduled badminton sessions.   

Mondays – from 18h30. Exclusive session for high-performance training, invitation only

Tuesdays – from 19h00. Social badminton play for members

Wednesdays – from 18h00. High-performance training for juniors and seniors by invitation only

Thursdays Hall unavailable for badminton, gymnastics only

Fridays – from 19h00. Social badminton for members

Saturdays – from 14h00. Junior training by invitation.

                     from 16h00. Social badminton for members

Sundays – mornings. Social badminton for members

                      from 14h00. Exclusive session for junior training

                      from 15h30. Exclusive session for senior players (Silver Eagles)

                      from 18h00. Social badminton for members

To avoid any kind of unpleasantness, we ask everyone to note and to comply.

Thanking you in advance. Enjoy your badminton.

Les Brazier


Badminton Section