Our badminton season is well underway. A warm welcome is extended to new members, wishing you enjoyment and success at our club.

We look forward to bringing you news of tournaments and other events including a proposed additional Air Badminton session. Until then, there are a few statistics relating to the fastest sport in the world. (see www.badmintonstatistics.net)

As a badminton player you are part of a huge worldwide number of participants. The latest statistics available from Pledge Sports relate to 2018. It is estimated that 220 million people play badminton, the majority in Asia.

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Would any mathematicians like to come in and correct or confirm that this represented 2.9% of the world’s population in 2018?

Until then, a reminder that Badminton South Africa (BSA) has a website which is informative in relation to news, views, development and events including para-badminton.


The Southern Gauteng Badminton Association (SGBA) has a group you can join on www.facebook.com for general information, events including tournaments (fun and competitive), plus updates and even regular coaching tips.

The world body is the Badminton World Federation on www.bwfbadminton.com

Stay safe, fit and well. Please don’t forget that whilst COVID regulations have relaxed considerably, certain protocols remain in place so for the sake of everyone, please respect and adhere to them.