Rhona Fuller and Les Brazier

The Johan Croucamp Legends Tournament took place in Kimberley from 8 to 10 February. Rhona Fuller and Les Brazier who play in the Seniors badminton section at The Wanderers Club were members of two of the six teams.

Participation in the round-robin tournament was by invitation and included an international contingent.

The local players said they had been honoured to have been part of this memorable and significant event. The games were highly competitive and close.

A cordial invitation is issued to all badminton players: – there is a wine and cheese evening on Tuesday 26 March from 19h30 in the social area in the hall behind the courts. Players may bring their own wine and eats.

Of concern are the incidents when cash/valuables have been stolen whilst players were on court. As a wise precaution, we urge members to keep valuables out of sight and as safe as possible especially during playing times (perhaps relying on one another for added vigilance) and to inform the committee of any suspicious activity.

A reminder that the badminton section caters for a range of playing levels and across the age spectrum from juniors.

For general enquiries relating to badminton at The Wanderers, please contact Dave Calvert on 083 263 8212.