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March has been a very busy month for the club. There were quite a few podium moments for many of our runners and walkers and we are so proud of each and every one of you. Please have a look at the Wall of Fame at the end of the newsletter.

A massive thank you to all those that helped at the JP Morgan this year. It is never easy hosting an event of that size (11 000 + participants finished). So a big thank you to each and every one of you for giving up your evening so willingly. This is a great opportunity for our club to showcase how awesome we are.

Unfortunately, there is some sad news this month. One of our members was attacked whilst running (close to Republic Road in Randburg). We urge all of our runners to stay safe, try and run together and never run with valuable possessions. If you have no one to run with and you are desperate to sneak some km’s in, try the Whatsapp group. Maybe there will be another WAC member keen to run with you.

This year we have 82 runners doing the OMTOM. We would like to wish all of you well! The Two Oceans Goodie Bag collection will be on the 15th April (Monday) at 6pm at the Chariots Bar!



We welcome two new faces to the team this year. They are Jeannie Jordan and Dylan Burgess.

Jeannie Jordan 

Q) Besides running, what other sports do you do?

A) I chase my children around the house and garden A LOT when its bath time

Q) Why do you like / love running for WAC?

A) The team spirit and sense of family. To be included as one part of greater whole is very special

Q) Who is your favourite athlete and why?

A) Usain Bolt – his personal energy and focus on performance is unparalleled

Q) What advice would you give to other runners out there?

A) Whatever happens make sure you are having fun and remember WHY you started running in the first place.


Dylan BurgessQ) Besides running, what other sports do you do?

A) Gym once a week.

Q) Why do you like / love running for WAC?

A) Firstly our fellow runners are like family providing a great sense of community. Secondly our grounds are prestigious and a club legacy spanning over 100 years.

Q) Who is your favourite athlete and why?

A) Elana Meyer. Short, middle and long distance world and SA record holding athlete who represented SA at all levels across the globe. A great ambassador for running and SA. She continues to give back through the JAG Sports and Education Foundation.

Q) What advice would you give to other runners out there?

A)    Life and sports are directly proportional. What we get out of them is what we put in them.


Our WAC Ambassadors Programme started in 2018, has shown just how important it is to recognise those who give of their best. These 12 ambassadors have proved themselves to be the epitome of a Wanderers Athletics member. These runners are all members of our community who have shown excellent ability in their various fields, be it walking, trail or road running. They have enormous talent and drive and even though they all hold down serious jobs, they somehow find the time to compete and train like professional athletes. Not only are the ambassador’s good athletes, but they are also good team players. For those of you who have asked, we would like to outline the criteria for the Ambassador Program. To be an Ambassador for the athletics club, one must show that not only are they passionate and have the ability to perform, but they must first and foremost be able to give back to the club. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as


Leading and organising club runs

Attending time trails and track sessions

Helping out during JP Morgan/ races/ WAC events

Encourage the members around them

Spend time at the club, adding value and getting involved

Represent the club by always speaking positively

Ensure you have the club’s best interests at heart

Achieving certain running goals, see below.


·       10km Sub 38:00

·       21km Sub 1:25

·       42km Sub 3:00 Men

·       42km Sub 3:10 Ladies

·       Oceans Mens Sub 4:00

·       Oceans Ladies Sub 4:20

·       Comrades Sub 7:30


We will be looking for some fresh faces for the 2020 team. Please start considering the above criteria so that closer to the end of the year, when we send out applications, you are ready to apply should you wish.


Upcoming Races?

Here are a few upcoming races for you to be aware of. Please get hold of Kent on 0846023172 should you be able to volunteer for gazebo duty.





Race Date



Irene Ultra 48km and 21km


Sunday, 07 April 2019



Birchwood 21km and 10km


Sunday, 14 April 2019



Two Oceans 56km


Saturday, 20 April 2019

Yes, (Mark&Estelle)


Cradle of Humankind 32km, 21km & 10km


Saturday, 27 April 2019



Robor Scaffolding 50km, 42km, 21km & 10km


Sunday, 28 April 2019



Wally Hayward 42km & 21km


Wednesday, 01 May 2019



Love Run 21km, 10km and 5km


Saturday, 04 May 2019



Colgate 32km, 15km and 5km


Sunday, 05 May 2019



Wings for Life World Run


Sunday, 05 May 2019



Comrades 89km


Sunday, 09 June 2019

YES (Hilde)



Consistency is key and if you are looking for a great way to run a steady 10 – 15 km these are the runs for you. The pace is easy and the company great, this is how Sunday runs are meant to be. These runs depart from the top parking lot @07:00.

Weekly Time Trials

Join us every Thursday evening @17:45 and challenge yourself by participating in either our 5km or 8km time trial starting from the bottom oval. The first Thursday of every month is our social night where you can join us for a bite to eat and a drink or two followed by a raffle where we have prizes sponsored by the Sweat Shop. Come down to the club and make sure you use the #wanderersathleticsclub to post your pics!

time trial advert

Next First Thursday is the 4th of April !! J

Please wear headlamps and high visibility clothing!!!

Track Tuesdays

Track sessions start at 17:45 every Tuesday on the top oval, all levels of runners are welcome. Sessions followed are on the website and on the WAC app.

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In case you missed last month’s newsletter, we welcome Thabiso Tsagane to WAC. He has come on board as part of the Walking Section, but is willing to help all members attain whatever goals they have set themselves for the year. 

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